Friday, June 1, 2007

Artistic Candles by Marie, INC. !!!!!

Thats right! I am getting incorporated! Im sooo excited! Now dh is jealous that his business is not Inc yet! LOL!
I am also looking into liability insurance. If anyone knows of one thats good for a candle maker please let me know.
I gave in my donation basket to my old job. They loved it! I cant wait to see how much the bids go up to for it. It going to be in an auction.
I made a bunch of pie candles today. I love them! They r too cute! Hope they r a hit when I go around to the stores.
My daughter has been sick on & off this week. Some kind of virus. She threw up last night & this morning. She seems to be doing better now.
Question of the week: I really need info on liability insurance, please advise if you can!